Money Saving Tips

apartment movers check mark movingSmall items must be pre-packed by the customer in sealed boxes. Any article that needs to be disassembled or disconnected must be done before the movers arrive (i.e. beds, mirrors on dressers, electronics unplugged, etc). If you would like the movers to assist with any of the above, there is a charge of $11 for every 15 minutes of work.  You must also provide all necessary tools the movers will need. Our movers do not disconnect or reconnect washer, dryer or refrigerator hoses.

apartment movers check mark movingOnly clothing may be left in drawers. However, please use your best judgment on how much you leave in there, especially if it is an exceptionally heavy piece or if there are a lot of stairs involved. By removing the contents, you greatly decrease the risk of damage. In the event that the movers have to remove the drawers and carry them separately because you have packed them too full, we will have to charge one point per drawer carried.fragile moving packing tape image

apartment movers check mark movingArticles that are exceptionally fragile or valuable will not be handled unless they are properly packaged and identified by the owner. These items include lamps, shades, plants, pictures, mirrors and glass table tops. The movers do not provide boxes and tape nor do they pack them.

apartment movers check mark movingThe time that we quote you for the movers to arrive within should be considered firm but can change according to various factors. These include vehicle problems, weather and customers scheduled before you. Our point system allows us to run on schedule most of the time, however, there are times when the crew will be running late. If this situation arises, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please try to leave your phone in service on the day of the move.

apartment movers check mark movingPayment is expected before the move starts unless other arrangements have been made. We accept personal checks, cash, cashier's checks or money orders on the day of the move. We also accept Master Card and VISA if the card number is called into the office at least one day prior to the move.